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Maroon Bellied Conures For Sale

Maroon bellied Conures  For Sale. Can be entertaining and affectionate companions. They relish any food put in front of them and are always eager to investigate and explore anything new. They do though have a limited attention span so from our experience training can be a challenge. We have never noticed any significant differences between the sexes when it comes to companion pets. There are no obvious visual differences between the sexes (Monomorphism) so they should be DNA or surgically sexed.

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The Maroon-Bellied Conures are intelligent, friendly, and active. They adapt easily to human contact and are easily trained. They are bold and independent and yet generally have a very sweet personality and they are growing fast in popularity.
Maroon-Bellied Conures will dangle by one foot from the top of the cage to check out the view and will hold food or treats with a foot while eating.

Like many parrots, they also like dunking their food into their drinking water — creating a messy soup requiring the water to be changed frequently.
Many of them enjoy bathing or showering with their owners. Bathing water needs to be provided daily. They enjoy being scratched all over, usually while lying upside down in your hand or on a lap. These birds have no dander, (like a cockatiel does), making them a better choice for those with allergies. They have big personalities for small birds, and will entertain you!

Feeding And Diet Of Conures Parrots

We feed our Maroon-bellied Conures a staple pellet diet of Vetafarm Parrot Essentials, Nutriblend Mini, and South American. We supplement with TOP’s Organic Parrot Pellets.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, Peanuts, Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, and Pecans are offered in the mornings, leftovers are removed in the afternoon so birds do not eat spoiled food.

During breeding, birds are additionally offered sprouted seed and egg and biscuit twice a day. Supplements like Vetafarm D’Nutrical Powder or Passwells Liquid Gold are added once a week.

Problem behavior:

-They can get a little carried away when playing.

-Their love for bathing can be a problem with the water dish.

-They also like to dip their food in the water making some kind of “soup”. This can be a problem if you are not home to change the water frequently because it can leave nothing to drink.


While curiosity is one of the great characteristics of the conure, it can get him into a ton of trouble. Particularly with other pets, the bathtub, or any other water source. Keep a close eye on your Conure, as this can easily become his very last bathe.

Recommended equipment:

– Cage size:

I recommend a minimum of 18″ x 18″ x 24″, with ½” bar spacing or less. Cage size also depends on how much time the bird will be spending in the cage. A bird that just sleeps in the cage can be housed in the minimum recommended cage size stated above: however, birds that spend much of the day in their cage would benefit from a cage larger in size. This way a shallow water dish can be placed in the cage for taking baths. Always remember to remove right after bathing!


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