Digital Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner


  • The Farm Innovators Digital Circulated Air Incubator with automatic egg turner is easy to use and accommodates up to 41 eggs. Featuring two EZ fill water channels on the side of the incubator allowing you to add water without removing lid. Each water channel is separate to help maintain proper humidity during each stage of development. Heater warms to a factory pre-set temperature of 100° F within minutes. Turns eggs completely every four hours, eliminating manual handling, improving hatch rate.

    • EZ fill water channels to add water without removing the lid. Just use turkey baster or other filling device (not included)
    • Durable hard plastic outer shell protects incubator and is easy to clean
    • Automatic egg turner turns the eggs completely every 4 hours to eliminate manual handling and improve hatch rate (41 egg capacity)
    • An integrated fan pulls in and circulates fresh air to stabilize temperature and improve hatch
    • An easy to read digital display shows temperature, humidity, and days to hatch (adjustable for a variety of eggs)
    • Large picture window provides a 360° unobstructed view inside the incubator
    • Free egg candler to monitor development progress of the eggs
    • Plastic mesh screen is easy to clean and safe for hatching chicks


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