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Blue Crowned Conure for Sale Online. The blue crown parakeet is also called the blue crown conure, blue crown budgie, or sharped tailed conure. It is a small green parrot with a pale beak and a blue head. This species is found in large parts of South America such as eastern Columbia and northern Argentina. Their habitat is savanna, woodlands, forest margins, chocolate and avocado is toxic to conure

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The blue crown conure is a medium-sized bird of about 37cm in length and weighs 140-190g. The species are born with a red patch on their heads but they are predominantly green birds with dull blue colors on their forehead, ears, crown cheeks, breast feathers are tinged with blue but are commonly green, the tail has top green feathers, its legs are pink-brown with grey-brown claws, its eyes have a ring of white featherless skin in captivity and bright orange-yellow in the wild, the conure can live for 25 to 30 years.

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Blue crown conures nest in tree holes, the female lays about 4 white eggs in a clutch, incubates them for 26 days and the chicks leave the nest 52 days after hatching. In aviculture, blue crown parakeets are called blue crown conures. They are good talkers and social as compared to other parakeets. They are popular pet birds with a reputation as one of the best and easy parrots to live with. These parrots are high-energy birds, smart, intelligent, and require a lot of attention from their parents. If you want these parakeets to be happy, then you have to provide them a large cage with ample space and toys. These birds are appropriate companions for bird enthusiasts. Are you looking for a perfect pet bird to live with? is the best pet shop for you.


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