My name is Fanni and I am an 11 weeks old Blue and Gold. I can be a very affectionate little girl, but I am usually caged protective until I get to know and trust you.

Babies Macaw Parrots For sale

Babies Macaw Parrots For sale. While it has lengthy been bred in captivity, the herbal records of this brilliant parrot is less well known. Please examine on to analyze about its lifestyles in the wild and the threats to its persisted existence. It is estimated that a breeding crew of one hundred adults produces, at most, 15-25 chicks annually. How many of these live to tell the tale to turn out to be breeders themselves is unknown, however clearly a ways much less than 100%.

Baby Macaw Parrot For Sale

Macaws are known as “Flying Primates” through some, and the Blue and Gold is regularly viewed to be the most curious, smart and affectionate of all. Its capacity to mimic speech is also very impressive.

However, macaw possession need to by no means be entered into lightly. Sadly, the needs they region upon proprietors are frequently no longer regarded via the inexperienced. Despite their amazing features (and excessive rate tag!), deserted macaws of all types fill the maintaining cages of shelters and parrot rescue operations.

Behavior And Feeding Of Macaws

Blue and Gold Macaws shape robust pair bonds and regularly mate for life. Even inside giant flocks, pairs continue to be shut together, with their wings almost touching whilst in flight (I used to be capable to examine this amongst wild Scarlet Macaws – pairs simply are very obvious).

Breeding commences at some point of the moist season – December to March – when meals are most abundant. Pairs make use of tree hollows, and frequently nest close to different flock members. They are extraordinarily defensive of their chicks…to the factor that even long-term pets can emerge as dangerously aggressive closer to their owners.

Two or three eggs are produced at two day intervals, and hatch inside 21-30 days. The girl incubates, however the male will enter the nest if a risk appears. The younger take a full three months to fledge, after which they are cared for via each dad and mom for pretty some time.


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