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We are breeders of cockatoo parrots and we ship these beautiful birds across different continents. In the wild, the Galah cockatoo’s are quite timid, but a hand-reared bird can be quite loving and will seek lots of attention, therefore it is best to keep the bird where it will be included in the family.


Room temperature is best, away from draughts and open windows.  It is not advised to keep the bird near any air fresheners. Swings and toys are a good way to keep the birds active.

Diet and Feeding Of Cockatoo Parrots

The nutritional requirements of cockatoos parrots are very important. Cockatoo parrots are happy to eat a normal parrot & fruit mix diet, it is not good to only give this to your bird.  As Galah’s cockatoo’s parrots, in particular, are prone to gaining weight and fatty tumors it is necessary to vary the diet with millet, sprouted seeds, vegetables, cooked brown rice, and cockatiel seed.


CHOCOLATE, AVACADO, AND ALCOHOL MUST NOT BE GIVEN TO YOUR BIRD.  A calcium supplement should be given about once a week.

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